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Software & Manuals

For full descriptions of each software package, please use the dropdown Software menu at the top of this website.

Please note that the manual (and sometimes technical documentation or sample data) is automatically included with the software download and can be found in one of two places:

  1. The directory where you installed the software on your machine, usually within C/Program Files (x86).
  2. The directory where you installed the project file for the software, usually with C. Example: C/PMxProjects/Manuals&Guides

For case studies and introductory material, please see the Educational Materials Section of this page.

Vortex is an individual-based stochastic simulation program.

  • Included Supplementary Software

    Executable files for Vortex Adaptive Manager, Eddy (the educational ‘lite’ version of Vortex), and MMMacro Entry can be found in Species Conservation Toolkit Initiative/Vortex10 in the directory where you installed the software on your machine, usually in Program files (x86).

  • Vortex Deterministic Life Table Tool

    An excel sheet that allows you to look at the deterministic calculations for a set of Vortex input values.

PMx provides genetic and demographic population management tools.

PMxLite: PMx made simpler.

  • Included Supplementary Software
    PMxLite is included with the PMx installation package (Version or newer).

    PMxceptional is included (Version or newer).

  • Welcome to PMxLite
    An introduction to PMxLite, a version where some of PMx’s advanced features and options have been removed for a more streamlined user experience. PMxLite is automatically included when you download PMx.

  • A Guide to Using the Selection Tab
    Detailed instructions for using the selection tab released in PMx version 1.5.8 and newer.

  • A Guide to Customizing PMx
    Detailed instructions for changing which features are visible to the user in PMx (recommended for advanced users only).

  • A Guide to PMx Life Table Calculations
    Documentation for how life tables are calculated in PMx.

  • Training Available from SCTI Partners

    A list of links to training resources developed by SCTI partners.

  • Group Management Package
    A package for managing pedigrees of group-living organisms and exporting the group history data to PMx, developed by Belén Jiménez-Mena, Kristine Schad Eebes, and Bob Lacy.

MMM facilitates linking and running models interactively.